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New OET Rules

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Requirements for English Language proficiency

As from 1 January 2002 important changes to the AMC requirements for English Language Proficiency will be introduced. These changes are summarised in this notice and will take effect from 1 January 2002.

The changes to be implemented will affect the Occupational English Test only, this decision was approved by the Council at the Annual General Meeting held in November 2001. The requirements regarding the IELTS and exemption process will remain unchanged.

All applicants for the Australian Medical Council (AMC) examination, or for assessment for specialist recognition or for assessment as an Area of Need Specialist, must satisfy the English Language Proficiency requirements before they will be permitted to commence the AMC examination or the specialist assessment process. In the majority of cases this will require the applicant to complete and pass one of the two designated vocational tests of English proficiency.

Vocational Tests of English Proficiency

Applicants for the AMC examination or for specialist assessment MUST have:


  • completed the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination (Academic Module) and achieved an Overall Band score of 7 or higher;
  • completed and obtained an overall pass in the Occupational English Test - OET (4 components) administered by Centre for Adult Education with grades A or B ONLY in each of the four components. Except as indicated under the transitional provision below, as from 1 January 2002, passes at the OET with C grades in one or more of the components will not be accepted for eligibility to sit the AMC examination or to be assessed for specialist recognition.


Provisional Candidature [OET]

The AMC will consider an application under the category Provisional Candidature [OET] where an applicant for the AMC MCQ examination has previously attempted the OET and failed one component only. The applicant is required to provide evidence that he/she is scheduled to sit the remaining OET component at the OET examination session to be held before the closing date of the relevant MCQ examination. If the applicant falls into this category he/she will be permitted to lodge an application [Form C-1], together with the AMC MCQ examination fee, prior to the closing date for the MCQ examination. In such cases, if the applicant fails the remaining component of the OET he/she will not be permitted to re-sit the MCQ examination [if the MCQ is failed] or to present for the clinical examination [if the MCQ is passed] until evidence of having passed all components of the OET, or the alternative IELTS examination, is provided to the AMC.

Existing AMC candidates who have sat the OET prior to 1 January 2002 and have sat the MCQ examination under Provisional Candidature (OET), will be permitted to sit for the one remaining component of the OET. However a grade of A or B must be obtained in the one remaining component, in order to be eligible to proceed with the AMC examinations.

Provisions for Exemption

A provision exists for applicants in certain circumstances to be granted an exemption from the requirement to pass the designated vocational tests of English proficiency. Applications for exemption must be submitted to the AMC using Form E. The Form E is forwarded to applicants after the Preliminary Application Form and fee have been lodged with the AMC. Form E should be submitted with Forms A or Forms SA & SB [Specialist Assessment].

Alternative Tests of English Proficiency

The following vocational tests of English are accepted for the purposes of exemption by the Australian Medical Council:


  • English Language component of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) (previously ECFMG) [NOT the TOEFL component of the current USMLE examination]
  • Professional Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) Examination (UK)
  • English Language component of the New Zealand Registration Examination (NZREX) (NZ)




  • A pass in a general English test such as TOEFL is not within the guidelines approved by the AMC for granting an exemption.
  • An exemption from an English proficiency requirement granted by another licensing body, such as the General Medical Council (UK) or the Medical Council of New Zealand, is not recognised for the purposes of the AMC examination and registration in Australia.


Other Criteria for Exemption

An exemption may also be considered when an applicant provides [together with Form E] certified copies of documentary evidence of


  • birth certificate and formal primary education OR
  • secondary education (NOT University training)
  • in a country where English is the native or first language (not merely the official language).


The following information is supplied for applicants required to undertake a vocational English Test.


Applicants must deal directly with Centre for Adult Education on all matters relating to the administration of the OET and its associated procedures. The contact address for Centre for Adult Education is:

CAE - Centre for Adult Education

Level 3, 267 Collins Street


AUSTRALIA Telephone:(03) 96578111 or (03) 9657 8155

Facsimile:(03) 9612 2601


The IELTS test was developed by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, The British Council and IDP Education Australia: IELTS Australia. The test is administered at least once a month by IELTS Australia and The British Council at over 230 centres worldwide. Applicants should contact IELTS Australia on all matters relating to the administration of the IELTS English Test (Academic module), examination dates and its associated procedures The IELTS English Test is held throughout Australia as well as overseas. For the purposes of exemption the AMC requires an overall score at Band 7 or higher in the Academic module of the IELTS examination.

The contact for IELTS Australia is:

IELTS Australia Telephone: (02) 6285 8222

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website: www.ielts.org

Applicants should note that there is only a limited number of the OET conducted each year in Australia and overseas. Applicants should check the dates of these above examinations to ensure that they are able to provide certified evidence of having passed a vocational test of English for medical practitioners before the closing date of the AMC MCQ examination for which they are applying to be scheduled, or before lodging their application for specialist assessment. 

(Sourse: adtoa.org)



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